Flower Mound Dental Associates

2021 Justin Rd #119, Flower Mound, TX 75028

(972) 691-8337

  • M-Th  7AM-4PM      F  7AM-2PM
Flower Mound Dental Associates

2021 Justin Rd #119
Flower Mound, TX 75028

(972) 691-8337

  • M-Th  7AM-4PM
    F  7AM-2PM

Flower Mound Dental


"My longtime dentist retired, and I struggled to find a practice where I felt truly welcome -- where I would receive caring, personalized care, minus high-pressure upselling. I am pleased to say that I have found my new home for dental care -- Flower Mound Dental. The staff are all wonderful, and their work is excellent -- fast, professional, and high-quality. I highly recommend this practice." - John

"As everyone knows going to the dentist can be a nerve wrecking time for anyone. When we walked into the office at Flower Mound Dental we were instantly sounded by a zen environment with neutral colors and a vivid flower blooming display on the TV. The staff was really friendly when signing in. While we waited there are two comfortable couches and two wing back chairs for us to sit until we were called back. It wasn't very long until we were taken to get x-rays done. It was awesome to see the digital x-rays pop up, it really helps cut the waiting time. We were taken straight back to the treatment room which had a convenient waiting chair for me as I waited for my husband to get his work done. Dr. Hooper came in and was just as nice and friendly faced as the rest of the staff. He did his exam and suggested we have some teeth pulled because of the decay and infection. He actually made time the same day to pull the 11 teeth. Any other place we would have had to make an appointment for another time. I really appreciated the prompt service and his caring attitude. We were in and out and my husband got his teeth taken care of the same day. My overall experience here was awesome. Much better than going to the "franchise" dentist that just seems so impersonal. Definitely going back" - Kristen

"Dr. Hooper and his staff are spectacular. I always enjoy walking into their office. They are a delightful bunch of individuals and are extremely professional. Being new to Texas, I could not be more happy to have found a team so focused on delivering a welcoming experience and top notch dental services." - Jan

"Continuing to receive great service from FM Dental Associates. I have spent many hours over my lifetime in dental chairs going through countless procedures. FM Dental is by far one of the best experiences I have had. They are kind, courteous and straight forward in the diagnosis and recommended dental strategy. I look forward to many years ahead with them" - Jay

"Just moving into Texas, I had to research on a new dental provider. I read Dr. Hooper's bio and was intrigued by his academic accomplishments and customer reviews. So, there was no question he was the man! I was very pleased with my first visit. Class and Excellence are the two qualities guaranteed by Dr. Hooper and his staff. All they do is make you feel special and provide superb service. After showing up to multiple visits, I'm fortunate to find such a considerate and professional team. Thank you!" - Art

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2021 Justin Rd #119
Flower Mound, TX 75028
Phone: (972) 691-8337
Email: fmda.dental@gmail.com